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The role of the School Support Liaison (SSL) is to assist in the daily functions of the school while supporting the various needs of the students and their families.  I am proud to have 20 years of experience in working with students, teachers, families, and school communities by way of serving as a classroom teacher, school counselor, and building leader.  I began my career in the great State of Ohio in 1996 after graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. After a few years, I continued my education by earning a Master's of Science, specializing in School Counseling. I worked as a School Counselor and a Graduate Assistant while earning my Doctorate Degree from the University of Nebraska with a specialization in school safety and staff development. I finished my doctoral work in 2016 and made the change from School Counseling to Administration.  My role as an SSL will allow me to use all of the skills I have developed over my career in order to assist the School Principal, help our school run smoothly, continue to create and improve our educational environment, and provide supports to teachers, staff, students and families.



I can be reached at the school every day.  If I happen to be out of the building on a particular day, I am always accessible by email.

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Dr. Deborah Gleich-Bope