Highland School was erected in South Omaha as a frame building over a century ago. The school was located south of the stockyards and packing house district and provided education to a diverse group of children. In 1889, a new brick school was opened. Later, South Omaha became part of Omaha and Highland School continued to grow. Additions were built to the school in 1927 and 1944. For years, Highland was the southern anchor for the Omaha Public Schools and was the first departmentalized junior high school in Omaha.

The current building opened in February, 1982. Highland includes families whose parents and grandparents attended the same school. Our school continues to serve a diverse, naturally integrated group of about 450 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. This includes students who are in our ESL program. Since 1996, Highland has been a school-wide Title I building so all of our students receive the benefits of Title I services.

In 1999 Highland Elementary School became "Highland Academy". Our class sizes became smaller to concentrate on higher student achievement. With this change we had more classrooms and less students per teacher.

The picture at the top of the page is a wall hanging that is displayed in the office of Highland School, and represents the diversity of our students.